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Blocked DrainsBlocked Drains

Blocked drains are caused by a build-up of waste material such as tree roots, leaves, foreign objects and solid waste. The problem may originate in the pipe attached to the sink, toilet or shower, or may be further down in the main sewer drain.

At Bacchus March Plumbing we use a state of the art hydro jetting system, which ensures minimal damage is caused to your plumbing system when we clear your drain. This technology is also an economical and environmentally friendly way to clear drains.

Typically there are warning signs that indicate you have a blockage before they fail completely. For inside your home these signs may include:

  • Slow draining.
  • Bad odours.
  • Gurgling Sounds.
  • Changes in flush.
  • Toilet water levels.

For outside your home, signs you should be looking for include:

  • Water puddles.
  • Cracked concrete with water seepage.
  • Overflowing grates, pits and gutters.
  • Irregular green patches on lawn surface.
  • Movement of building.

It is easier to fix blockage issues if you identify them early, so call Bacchus Marsh Plumbing Service today for any blockage enquiries.


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