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Doug and the team at Bacchus Marsh Plumbing are experts in repairing taps. With over 30 Years’ experience we are on call for all your tap repairs and installations.

Leaking taps are a common call out for plumbers. Just one leaking tap can waste approximately 17 litres of water per minute, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars in excess water bills. There is also potential for damage to your bathroom cupboards and surrounding areas.

We are here to help with the repair of:

  • Bathroom, kitchen and laundry taps.
  • Garden taps.
  • Shower heads.

Our team at Bacchus Marsh plumbing will use their expertise to advice you if your tap will need to be replaced completely or if they are able to service your existing tap ware. Fortunately, a leaking tap is usually an easy fix.


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